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Stepping into our true power

We are ready to embody a womanhood that merges ancient wisdom with our current day reality, one that honours the duality of life; darkness and light dancing, chaos and order, feminine and masculine. A radiant womanhood that can heal, awaken and unite to bring forth a better future for ourselves and the world.

The Gathering

Nordic Women’s Gathering is the embodiment of the Womiphesto.
If you feel inspired by the Womiphesto, we hope you will join us.

Each and every one of us 70-100 women will play an important role in the energy created. The gathering is more than merely an experience or personal healing journey – the purpose is to bring together the women who are ready, with the support of sisters, to awaken feminine leadership and step into a womanhood that we and the world is longing for.

The weekend will be led by some of the most inspiring facilitators in Northern Europe who in various ways embody a womanhood of the future. Through four festival style days of workshops, inspiration, dancing, celebration and connection, the facilitators will hold space for all participants to explore, challenge, embrace and encourage each other to:


Connect to our wild life force, radiant lust, body, sexuality and intuition.


Surrender to trust the divine, step into the unknown, embrace chaos.


Integrate the masculine qualities of holding space for the feminine to be free.


Realize and lead from the feminine power, stepping into the Matriarchy.


Create the foundation for a sisterhood of love, respect and admiration - as we are each others’ greatest source of inspiration.

We warmly welcome you to join us on this adventure and discovery of Womanhood from 15th – 18th September 2022.

Edge Walking Women of the 21st Century

Nordic Women’s Gathering is very excited to be offering this new ONLINE series of four different experiences. 


This is for women already walking or who want to walk the edge of the deep mystery of the feminine power. Women who wish to understand themselves better across the spectrum of light and dark. Women who wish to unlock limiting beliefs hidden in our inner conditioning of our society, families and evolution. Women who are yearning to be living and leading in their full potential. 


While our Nordic Woman exploration so far has primarily been around an emerging conversation of the feminine leading; we feel it is time to deepen the understanding of the dance between our inner masculine and inner feminine. 


This series, of what we are calling Four Expeditions, will give you the opportunity to witness yourself through a facilitated experience of different masculine archetypes


Expedition 1: Sense Making from Eros with Nick Shore and his brothers

Thursday 24th March 2022 7-10pm


Expedition 2: Explore the Dark Masculine with Pontus Liljefors 

Thursday 21st April 2022 7-10pm


Expedition 3: Embrace your full feminine intelligence with Paul Robson and a band of brothers from the European Men’s Gathering 

Thursday 19th May 2022 7-10pm


Expedition 4: Surrender to the sacred masculine with Eric Lichtman and his brothers

Thursday 9th June 2022 7-10pm


How will each expedition work?

Each experience is facilitated through a 3 hour Zoom call. The agenda with resemble the following;

  1. Landing into the space and checking in.
  2. The workshop.
  3. Journal and circling time
  4. Closing


Why now? 

The Nordic Women’s Gathering was instigated around the emerging conversation of what it is to lead with the feminine. The last four years we have done this and grown profoundly. 

We have been listening deeply into source since the last gathering and one of the things that is wanting to come forth is our understanding of our feminine in relation to our masculine. Stretching our awareness into this complex dance can expand our strengths and expose our weakness; giving us the opportunity to take our leadership to new dimensions. 


Am I an Edge Walking Woman? 


You are an Edge Walking Woman;

  • If you have already attended one or more of the Nordic Women’s Gatherings over the last 4 years.
  • Are ready to step more fully into the unknown to explore and discover the mysteries and power of what it is to be a woman.
  • Are prepared to be awkward and uncomfortable in your new learnings. 


This series is only available for women who have attended one or more Nordic Women’s Gathering over the last four years. 

Why? – It is important that one has already awoken the feminine within and has done some significant boundary setting work, and understands what it is to take full responsibility for oneself. 

The Womiphesto

The Feminine speaks a different language than just words. It’s emotion. Intuition. That which is in your body and not just in your head. The web that binds things together. The link between generations. The feeling when you inhale the smell of the forest or walk barefoot in the grass. A silent whisper, a thunderstorm. Giving birth. The seemingly chaotic, spontaneous, yet so vastly advanced and intelligent creativity in nature from which life itself grows. That which is so powerful that it sometimes frightens us.

While both the Feminine and the Masculine is present in all humans, no matter their gender, the feminine generally manifests itself more clearly in women, as the masculine does in men. The feminine and the masculine are polarities, not in opposition, but rather like magnetic poles, day and night, chaos and order, sensing and direction, yin and yang – they need each other for their very existence. With the duality of masculine and feminine integrated and combined harmoniously, life can exist. With one of them being unbalanced, we see stagnation, harmful growth or oppression.

For centuries, women have fought for their equal right to freedom. We truly honour the paths our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers have walked in order for us to be free. While we cherish what has been achieved, it still remains true that Western society was mainly created on masculine values and that most women are adapting to systems and lifestyles that were not designed for us.

We feel that something profound has been lost. We believe that the life-creating ability of the feminine has been undervalued, with severe consequences as a result – for both women, men and the planet. As our current systems and world views are dismantling, we are longing to live more aligned with our truth. Rather than focusing on deconstructing what is, we want to build what could be. We want to gather the women who are ready to now act beyond anger or resentment – but rather stand in the unquestionable, invulnerable and juicy power of our true nature. We want to explore what true feminine leadership looks like and believe in creating an inspiriting vision of womanhood – a vision created from the feminine, a story that is unfolding in this current moment:

We want to celebrate our ability to create, give and nourish life and acknowledge the power and importance of motherhood. We want to deepen and lead from our pleasure, sensuality and lust –  acknowledging them as our life force. We want to cherish our wisdom to step confidently into the unknown, trusting our intuition to illuminate the most veiled of possibilities. We want to honour and acknowledge the matriarchal qualities of feminine leadership in all areas of life and bring out our feminine power as radiant, vibrant, spiritual, crazy, playful, loving, passionate, vulnerable, strong and free.

On this journey, we believe that women are each others’ greatest source of inspiration. We believe that being part of a strong sisterhood, where we can inspire, learn, challenge, create and love each other with all our strengths and weaknesses, is fundamental. To fully see the Feminine within ourselves, we need to see it in each other. We wish to acknowledge and bring out the life force in all women as we are greater together.

We believe we are at a threshold. The way forward is not regressing to traditional values where women only belonged in the household nor is it to continue adapting to masculine values. What we want is an awakening of feminine leadership, creating  a new vision for what it means to be a woman today. As we step into our full radiant power, we encourage our brothers, fathers, sons, friends and lovers to do the same. Through sisterhood we will support each other to reach our highest potential, supporting men to reach theirs, so that we can lift each other up in compassion, love and understanding in order to build the world we want to see.

Rather than seeing ourselves as oppressed in the patriarchy, we are stepping into the Matriarchy that will, in union with the Patriarchy, form a Humanarchy, laying the foundations for a future we can believe in.

Want more information about the gathering?

Practical information


The location has changed to Möllan Retreat in Sweden 

(Previously Møn Retreat in Denmark who have decide to host Ukrainian refugees for the rest of the year) 

 We are very excited about the new location as it is surrounded by nature; water and forest. A fabulous opportunity to breath deep into our connections to earth and ground ourselves as we explore the new versions of ourselves.


HÖGHULTSTRÖM 2, 360 70 Åseda, Sverige


Tickets include the course, accommodation and all meals.

The course price has not changed this year, however the accommodation and food are higher as you will see in the price difference from 2021.

Bed linen and towel are an extra DKK200.

Food is plant-based and, as far as possible, organic – breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, tea & coffee. 

Arrival time from 16 Thursday the 15th and leaving at 15 Sunday the 18th.


The gathering will be held in English.


Extra dates 

Pre gathering experience – online 
Date: June 30th (90mins

An event to celebrate and honour your act of action, the choice of investing in yourself. Where we will seed the journey we are embarking on together. Also initiating the NWG sister circle. 


Post gathering 

As a post-gathering experience, all the way at the end of September and October we invite you for two events to support you with integrating your learnings and journey. Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar!  


Two weeks after the gathering

Date: Thursday 29th September 2022 (2.5hrs) 


One month after the gathering 

Date: Thursday 27th October 2022 (2.5hrs) 


Ongoing Sister Circle after the event from October 2022 to June 2023

For the first time ever we are offering a continuing sister circle over the following year. We believe that this will help each of us stay accountable to the change we are and help us to turn up fully in every part our leadership and design and our lives.


Find out more on Facebook


Cancelation policy
Tickets can be cancelled and have 85% of the ticket refunded 4 weeks before the event, 16th August 2022.

Tickets cancelled after this date will not be refunded. The ticket can be swapped with someone else, however, the responsibility of the ticket holder to find someone to take their ticket.

Would COVID restrictions turn out to be in the way of your arrival at the location of our gathering and we would have to cancel. We will refund your gathering ticket.


Questions about the Nordic Women’s Gathering?

Email  [email protected]

Join the sisterhood online

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