About us - Nordic Women's Gathering
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About us

We are a group of women, who believe that the time is ripe for women to gather and unite towards a future we can believe in. We have therefore invited twelve facilitators that we see as leading the way in discovering 21st century womanhood. As we don’t believe in “teaching” womanhood, these women, who in different ways embody elements of the womanhood we envision, will hold space for a co-creative exploration, strengthening and celebration of being women today.

Pamela Von Sabljar

Initiator & Facilitator

I am a global speaker, trainer​​ and author. A powerhouse of curiosity, love and authenticity. I believe that real societal development starts at the level of the individual and I am driven by a passion for creating change through self-leadership amongst individuals, companies and organizations. Self-leadership is the art of unleashing your potential, whilst staying aligned to your purpose despite the unpredictable events and challenges of life. I am a part of the Nordic Womens Gathering because I believe that the world needs each and everyone one of us to step into our power to be a game changer for a sustainable future.

Nix Davies

Initiator & Facilitator

I am a collaborative conceptual artist; instigator; imaginaire and master manifestor. I am a conduit for ideas; listening in for the well-spring of truth and if necessary bringing people together to breath the idea to life. Simply… ’I make shit happen’. I specialise in the awkwardness of process and transformation using intuition and trust as tools for taking the necessary and profound steps that enable one to navigate the unknown. I have spent the last decade using my life as a prototype for living my philosophies such as stepping into the unknown to live my full potential, navigating the cloud of uncertainty and only saying yes to when both my body and mind align with truth. At the NWG 2020 I will bring my super powers of space holding, deep sensing into truth of concept, navigation of the unknown, the power of awkwardness in being present, perspective shifting and sense of humour.

Victoria Palm

Marketing & communication

I’m passionate about words. And growing vegetables. And dancing. But during this gathering I will first and foremost contribute with words, my conceptualizing mad-brain and my social media skills to help bring forth NWG in this world (and also dancing…). I’ve been a participant during the two first years of NWG so it feels amazing to be a part of the core team. My strengths are in the field of communication and journalism and I’ve chosen to specialize on copywriting and human interaction. I’m also a lecturer and workshop coordinator and founder and CEO of OAS by Off The Work AB. Right now I’m focusing on building a co-living space with some friends and my partner where we can grow and cultivate the land, host workshops, meditations and courses based on a more sustainable way of living on this earth. Looking forward to meeting you!

Timiann Melissa Phantira Ravn


I’m a mother, sister, lover, priestess, healer, dakini, shaman, earthkeeper, elvish singing, wild, wise woman with fierce and gentle dragon power. I bring all of me. I bring my ability to hold a safe and transformational space, I bring 5’th and 7’th dimensional healing frequencies, I bring a bridge between the ancient ways and the new, I am a conductor and translator of energies and information through time and space, between species and dimensions, I bring the invitation, permission and transmission for all to fully activate your true soul purpose and soul gifts, to remember who you are and why you came here. I am a channel and an anchor of the energies of the Divine Feminine. I have more than 20 years of experience as a healer, therapist and workshop facilitator. I run wisdom circles for women, teach healing and give Sacred Body Awakening Ceremonies on a regular basis and I am in the process of creating a Moon Temple in Copenhagen.

Ana Milbo Schoeps


I’m passionate about creating a world where relationships come first. I’m an extraordinary facilitator with a large capacity to create space where deep trust occurs easily. I’m currently taking a degree in Change Leadership at the Kaospilot, Denmark and I’m also a Learning Designer for their professional course in Experience Design with a global reach. I will facilitate spaces for deep trust and meaningful conversations to emerge and bring my gift in the topic of conscious relating. I will also support the overall coordination. It is a huge privilege to be able to share so much quality time with an amazing gathering of woman again. Last year was a true gift. We need more of that in our current society. Would you like to take the next step in your development? Together we will move towards our dreams.

Victoria Johansson


My passion is to talk about and to reflect about our inner world. The inner critic has been present in my life for such a long time until I made it my strength. I’m a lecturer, podcaster and workshop facilitator in that subject. How cliche it might sound, I want to be a part of a movement where we make us happier by not taking our thoughts so seriously.  I also have my podcast Duktig Flicka Söker where I talk to amazing human beings on different topics regarding life. My superpowers to bring to NWG is to have a chat about the inner critic and self awareness. To listen to others and then honestly make them question what their inner critic is saying. I love to make people believe in themselves. I believe that if we’re connected to our feelings, to honesty and the present, we can absolutely overcome that feeling of failure. And that’s what I want to share with all of you.

Rikke Libak


Dance is my passion and my work. Dance is my answer to how we generate more

creativity, connection and joy into life. For more than 20 years, I have explored the field of

self-development through conscious movement, meditation and tantra. I have been dancing most of my life and for the last 20 years, Conscious Dance is now  my full time work. I am educated MBSR instructor (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and I have worked several years with stress management as an educated nurse. My superpowers are playfulness, empathy and presence. I will use them all to create safe spaces where you can freely express YOUR superpowers! Where you can explore and embody feminine power, pleasure and passion. Through Conscious Dance and Ritual Play, I invite you to explore the senses and impulses of your body to increase your awareness. Express your emotions, needs and boundaries. I´m looking forward to dance and play with you!

Louise von Bahr


I am a Swedish body worker and psychosomatic healer. To this gathering I bring my gifts of reading and understanding the female body connected with our programmed life story. I love to help women find their painful or maybe numb stored emotions. It can be hidden anywhere in the body (a painful and stressed vagina or a sore neck). Lots of focus during NWG will be spent on womb/mother/daughter healing and comfort, trust and sisterhood. The workshop is guided by me and assistants where we let the participants work two and two with an intimate and trustworthy womb and vagina healing.

I have been a teacher of NWG since the start 2018 and the work has become a perfect ingredient among the other beautiful fields during the gathering.

Friederikke Sofia Krogh


This is me – a feminine sensitive being – l love to be in and explore life and right now where I am on my path in life – courage, commitment, trust and surrender is words I feel and have with me. I have created a feminine universe – being a yoga teacher and woman’s heart counselor. Supporting women into the body, heal and awaken their lifeforce energy by somatic movement, yoga and supported by the wisdom of women’s cyclus and transits in life. Doing breathwork, bodywork and dearmouring. Bringing the awareness home into our bodies, daring to be our body also when we feel fear, pain, tension and deep pleasure – opening the senses and allowing to feel all our feelings and be all our flavours – be sensitive, vulnerable and powerful and expressing it from our inner truth.  

I am going to be supporting our beautiful volunteers and facilitating and support each of you in one-to-one if you feel into it.

Katrien Franken


I support inner transformation and self-healing through various methods of breathing, mainly; Holotropic Breathwork, as created by Stanislav Grof. My deepest practice is to become increasingly open and present in such a way that it can help others to show up more in their life experience. I am convinced we feel deeply as a culture that a shift is coming – has to come – because the neoliberal, individualistic, materialist paradigm is breaking down. Both men and women have traditionally been locked into culturally-defined gender roles. We are beginning to learn that a fully integrated individual is a unique and balanced expression of both masculine and feminine traits. I feel deeply called to support other women in how to be in this world – and to explore the inner dimensions of change and healing together.

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