Practical information - Nordic Women's Gathering
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Practical information


To cover all expenses the tickets starts at an early bird price of 3900 SEK, regular price 4400 SEK, and then differs depending on what accommodation you prefer. To support younger women, we offer a price of 3200 SEK for the first 20 women under 30 years signing up.



We don’t want finances to be a hindrance for joining the gathering, so if you would like to contribute to the organisation of the gathering and/or are on a limited budget, please let us know as concessions are available for volunteers.



The gathering will be held in English and take place at

Mundekulla Retreat Centre

361 95 Långasjö, Sweden


Mundekulla, with its calm and peaceful surroundings, provides the perfect setting for Nordic Women’s Gathering. Its secluded surroundings offer a supporting atmosphere with varied and beautiful landscapes surrounded by old forests, 60 hectares (150 acres) of meadows, open fields, natural ponds and walking paths. With the main building being a carefully restored house from the 1820, their entire facility is built on ecological principles, with warmth and care, uniting the past and the future. Mundekulla is internationally renowned and located 10 km outside of Emmaboda in southern Sweden and 3 hours direct train from Copenhagen airport as well as Stockholm and Gothenburg.



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