About us
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About us

We are a group of women, who believe that the time is ripe for women to gather and unite towards a future we can believe in. We have therefore invited a group of facilitators that we see as leading the way in discovering 21st century womanhood. As we don’t believe in “teaching” womanhood, these women, who in different ways embody elements of the womanhood we envision, will hold space for a co-creative exploration, strengthening and celebration of being women today.

Friederikke Sofia Krogh


This is me – a feminine sensitive being – l love to be in and explore life and right now where I am on my path in life – courage, commitment, trust and surrender is words I feel and have with me. I have created a feminine universe – being a yoga teacher and woman’s heart counselor. Supporting women into the body, heal and awaken their lifeforce energy by somatic movement, yoga and supported by the wisdom of women’s cyclus and transits in life. Doing breathwork, bodywork and dearmouring. Bringing the awareness home into our bodies, daring to be our body also when we feel fear, pain, tension and deep pleasure – opening the senses and allowing to feel all our feelings and be all our flavours – be sensitive, vulnerable and powerful and expressing it from our inner truth.  

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Kim Gajraj


‘I feel called to using my facilitation experience and combining it with my own journey of becoming as a musician to humbly support others in their own. Oh my, has it been a journey for me to be able to finally feel like a fish in the water when I’m on stage.’

I believe that bringing a role focused specifically on music within the NWG team will do wonderful things for the musical presence at the gathering, for each of our journeys as musicians and for the music industry as a whole.

Pamela Von Sabljar

Initiator & Facilitator

You can call me a woman, mother, friend, lover, sister, speaker, facilitator, mentor, author, leader, explorer, healer, tantrica, ethical slut, witch, and most of all I will listen to when my deepest desires are calling from life itself. Love, Pleasure, and Desire are three topics that turn me on and with playfulness, I will keep on inviting women in to take their radical self-responsibility to live and lead from pleasure instead of pressure.
I bring my experience in working with people and organizations to develop self-knowledge, courage and to grow, and mature, to develop in all areas of life. I am one of the initiators of the Nordic Women’s Gathering and a radical facilitator for deep human connection through the art of shadow work. Operating in the borderland between science and spirituality, I invite people to go beyond what separates us, in order to meet the most pressing need on the planet: to nurture more conscious humanity and a sustainable world.
Nix Davies

Initiator & Facilitator

I am a collaborative conceptual artist; instigator; imaginaire and master manifestor. I am a conduit for ideas; listening in for the well-spring of truth and if necessary bringing people together to breath the idea to life. Simply… ’I make shit happen’. I specialise in the awkwardness of process and transformation using intuition and trust as tools for taking the necessary and profound steps that enable one to navigate the unknown. I have spent the last decade using my life as a prototype for living my philosophies such as stepping into the unknown to live my full potential, navigating the cloud of uncertainty and only saying yes to when both my body and mind align with truth. At the NWG 2022 I will bring my super powers of space holding, deep sensing into truth of concept, navigation of the unknown, the power of awkwardness in being present, perspective shifting and sense of humour.

These are all our facilitators for 2023

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